SC / ST Grievance Cell
1 Prof. Prakash Hongal Asst. Professor Chairman
2 Prof. Sharada Shirodkar Asst. Professor Member
3 Prof. Somashekhar Kerimani Asst. Professor Member
4 Prof. Pratima Mahapurush Asst. Professor Member
5 Mr. Ramesh Koppad Sr. Instructor Member

 Functions & Responsibilities:

  • To address individual grievances related to academics and career guidance.
  • To arrange for remedial classes for the weak students in conjunction with the faculty.
  • To monitor the distribution of SC/ST books to the beneficiaries from the library.
  • To monitor the distribution of SC/ST scholarships.
  • To address any problem occurred during their academic career.
  • Making arrangements for sending statistical information required by University / Government authorities regarding SC/ST & OBC student from time to time.


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