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Foundation Day Celebrations 2017

Smt. Kamala & Sri Venkappa M Agadi College of Engineering and Technology(SKSVMACET), Lakshmeshwar has crossed one more milestone and celebrated its Foundation Day on December 03, 2017 with a theme of Women Empowerment and with great enthusiasm. The celebration started with inaugural song by the students followed by lighting of the lamp ceremony lead by the Chief Guest His Excellency, Mr. Ajith Kumar Former Ambassador and Permanent Representative of India to the UNO in Geneva, Mr. Harshavardhan V. Agadi Chairman & Managing Trustee Smt. Kamala & Sri Venkappa M Agadi Charitable Trust(Regd.), Matoshree Smt. Kamala V. Agadi, Smt. Geetha H Agadi, Dr. S. V. Gorabal Principal, & Mr. Premanand G. Shetty CEO Of Agadi Sunrise Hospital Lakshmeshwar.

After welcome speech by Smt. Anita B, Principal Dr. S V Gorabal gave brief report on the achievements of Smt. Kamala & Sri Venkappa M Agadi Engineering College & Technology, he expressed his gratitude to the Management, and all member of SKSVMACET. As the celebration was arranged along with the Agadi Sunrise Hospital for the first time, Dr. Deepa B V gave brief report on the performance of Agadi Sunrise Hospital Pvt Ltd. Agadi Sunrise Hospital also launched different types of Smart Cards like Faculty Health Card, Student Health Card, Senior Citizen Smart Card, Maternity Smart Card & Health Smart Cards which will benefit Faculties & Students of SKSVMACET and the public in general.

Smt. Geetha H. Agadi gave brief introduction of the Chief Guest Mr. Ajit Kumar, she spoke on his family background and his career growth in the last 4 decades.

The Chief Guest Mr. Ajit Kumar said in his maiden speech “In Life to progress, everyone must have proper balance and have enough optimism and at the end hard work”. He addressed the students of SKSVMACET to work hard and to have aim to excel in studies and also expressed his gratitude in the innovative spirit and development of all-round personality of SKSVMACET. He mentioned “Youths are the future of India and India has the maximum number of youths in the world and is stepping stone for a progresses India”. He told India has to reap the demographic dividend if it has to become leading power in the world. He presented some main elements of India’s Policy and his personal journey of his growth.

Hon. Chairman Mr. Harshavardhan V Agadi said Dreams are free, so everyone should have a dream to success and work hard to make it a reality. He added, communication is having a very important role in our life and we need to improve it to progress & succeed in life. He also shared how he was able to improve his communication skills and achieve the milestone in his life. He also announced two scholarships for Leadership quality in the students from Mr.Shreenivas Chairman & Managing Director of Viveks and also his Co Brother.

On foundation day celebration various scholarships were distributed to the students of SKSVMACET by the dignitaries. Mr. Navin Jacob Mathew Head-Corporate Planning & Program Management Sonata announced two new Scholarships along with the existing. He also announced that a new Project Lab will be set in the College to work on the latest technologies and to ensure that all rural area to get real technological excellence.

Students of SKSVMACET presented a Mime of “Women Empowerment” and won the hearts through their performance. The function was celebrated in the presence of Management, Trustee, and Staff & Students of SKSVMACET, Staff of Agadi Sunrise Hospital, and Press & Media. A vote of thanks was proposed by Ms. Kavya and concluded with National Anthem.

Breakfast and lunch were arranged for all the Dignitaries, guests, staff & students of SKSVMACET & Staff of Agadi Sunrise Hospital


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